Not everyone gets to experience the underwater world.

It's an amazing feeling - being weightless, silent but for your own breathing, sharing the sea with all those weird and wonderful plants and animals.

For me, diving is my way to relax, to escape for as long as my air lasts. Taking photos provides a challenge and allows me to share the beautiful things I see.

I learned to dive in January 2004 and have dived some amazing places including:

- Western Australia, from Exmouth to Esperance as well as the Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island

- South Australia, at Tumby Bay, Whyalla, Rapid Bay, Mt Gambier and the Neptune Islands in the Southern Ocean

- The Galapagos Islands off Ecuador in South America

- Mexico's freshwater Cenotes

- Raja Ampat, Bali, Alor, Komodo and the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia

- Layang Layang in the South China Sea

- Fiji

- Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea

- Bimini and Tiger Beach in The Bahamas

- USA's Blue Heron Bridge in Florida and Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay and the Northern Channel Islands in California

- the Great Barrier Reef and Osprey Reef on Australia's east coast

- the Kingdom of Tonga where I swam with Humpback whales, amazing!

- and in the Arctic Circle in the ice cold fjords of Norway with orcas.

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to purchase any photos or just chat about my images/trips or diving/underwater photography generally. I'm almost always at the monthly meetings of the WA Underwater Photographic Society and dive regularly around Perth so give me a buzz if you would like to go for a dive.

EMAIL jt.butson @ | PHONE 0408 955 159

I hope you enjoy my photos, cheers


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